Saving money

Steaks are not cheaper buying them single.  Rib eyes are not better from an IBP derivative box which 4000 hands have touched.  Trust me if you knew what the process consisted of you would gladly shell your money out for great quality locally processed and non transported beef, pork and other fine quality meats. 


If a person wants to get into the local food industry and live greener than previous, I suggest staying away from your single serving, self fulfilling piece of meat that is available at a grocery counter.  I’m not prejudiced about it either but I think farther ahead than that or try to.  Step one to living a better more frugal meat eating experience is to


Buy a deep freezer


The reason for this is quite simple.  A person needs space to put away three boxes of meat and it won’t stay fresh in the heat of July.  The Indians didn’t have this luxury.  The colonial Americans didn’t have this luxury either.  But we do.  Here and now and quite non threatening.  You get it home, take it out of the box, plug it in and let it chill down to desired temp.  Simple.  Once a year, take the stuff out of it and defrost it with a hose running outside and at an angle.  If you get impatient you can shop vac the water out of it.  Step two will lead you to


Ask friends and locals about the best meat locker around


This works if you have awesome gardening friends on your list of people you talk to.  These people know things.  They have wisdom and they can point you in the right direction.  If you don’t know any then go online find a conservation office in your area and sign up for some classes.  Those people who attend are a hearty awesome bunch of people.  You can learn something from them.  Step three is to


Test the waters


You will want to go spend a twenty spot on some of the locker’s ware.  Try the hamburger and if they are good you will not wind up with cartilage or ligament which doesn’t chew well.  The greedy lockers will leave that in for weight but the ones worth their weight are the ones who trim that out.  Even grinded down it will still be noticeable cause its like chewing on wang leather.  Now, I’ve never tasted or chewed on wang leather, but, a funny alzheimers lady kept roaming the halls of a nursing home shouting that after a terribly crappy nursing home meal.  Try the bacon.  I like sweet and not salty and if a place can match my taste I will spread the word.  IF a place cannot make bacon, walk away from it.  Bacon is a food done only in safety.  The Indians had no way to secure a safespot for curing and smoking and properly making it.  They didn’t have that luxury.  So that being said, bacon is a true test of a lockers ability.  Another great test is bratwurst.  A lot of people don’t eat pork and that is fine if you don’t, but, try their beef brats or beef sticks or take a deer up one year for processing.  The small dollars are just for that.  There is a few ideas on testing the waters, for more you can email me.  The step four is


Advertise the dickens out of the good lockers and the great people there


This is crucial.  These people are small town, mom and pop, sole proprietorship operations who depend on people finding out about them and purchasing small things at first leading up to their big sale of half a beef or whole hog or goat…..

Do not worry about keeping your great find all to yourself.  This is something that needs to be shared.  Something that ought to be done.  Keep these places in business just like keeping local musicians afloat.  Service done well is worth sharing.  Do not be alarmed at the price of a beef being processed because you have to buy the animal from the farmer and then pay for the processing but it is worth every penny.  Steaks for 4 bucks a pound is a rarity.  Money saved if you can save money.  Meaning this will be a nice sized chunk of change for a whole beef but I guarantee that it is worth your money for its ROI value alone.  Forget the big screen and stock your freezer with yummy edibles that will be at your disposal for a long time.   Enjoy. 

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