Butchering sheep

Gentle creatures sheep are.  Almost crazy to think about this but here it is and I’ll just talk about it.  I’m not fond of just letting the elephant sit in the room.  I want to talk about it and share about it and everything else.  You want to know why I have chosen butchering saint as my name and blogging platform?  That’s what I do.  I butcher animals, follow Jesus and continue learning.  So if you would rather not hear about either of those things, don’t follow.  I don’t care.  I don’t write these things for others they are more for me.  If it offends you that I mention Jesus or God or blood or guts or gore, I know that others blog about things less offensive and I encourage you to find them instead.  I am done ranting but there it is.  The elephant in the room has just been talked about.  NOW onto why any of this matters to this post. 


I hang out with Christians, Atheists, gays, vegetarians…etc.  Whatever, not gonna judge.  You be cool to me and I’ll be cool to you.  But I find it weird after having butchered several sheep and knowing this first hand, that if a person has an open cut on their hand, sheeps blood will burn like no other.  It is painful.  So then one wonders why the Bible would dare say to be washed in the blood of a lamb.  Have you ever been washed in the blood of a lamb with a cut on your hand?  Would you do it again?  What stops a person from sticking their hand back into a fire after third degree burns?  The blood burns because we are to not have cuts on our hands.  Putting this into a spiritual context, we come unblemished to the washing and all is fine.  If we show up with cuts and sores and bruises it does tend to burn and irritate.  I hope you ponder this because the Bible tells us the truth and each phrase is like an onion to peel layer after layer off of.  So believe in the Bible or not I’m just telling the truth according to how I see it. One layer represents the actual real world application.  One other layer teaches a spiritual or financial or physical.  Peel them all back and you are left with what should be sought first.  Wisdom, seek her early and often.  Look after the layers are removed and you get what you wanted in the first place.  Last night I watched some random martial arts movie and the wife pointed out to me that every martial arts movie has its hierarchy.  Such like an onion, to where the guy who flees the single lone asassin and puts many many enemies in his place.  The irony of that all is, by the time a person defeats all those other enemies on their way to the one they wanted, they become better than they started out to be and also see things for what they are. 


Blood from lambs and cuts from hands do not mix.  Stop allowing your knife to cut you in a process and stop jabbing with it.  Use more of a push and a long single stroke than a short jabbing action.  Find out how to be without blemish and then go gladly bathe in the blood of the lamb.  It feels fine. 


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