zen old meets zen new

I discuss alot of zen and I’m not quite sure I can understand that concept but I do replay Led Zeppelin IV alot.  One of my favorite songs resides on that album with no words on the cover.  That man from the old civilization coming over the mountain and seeing that city and all modernized.  That is breathtaking and awesome and all things that I would happen to attribute to a zen state of mind.  I especially enjoy areas of my life where I have been carrying sticks and peek on the horizon and see something new and spectacular.  I really am enamored to be part of something that ancient civilizations had to do for survival.  I like being part of the old traditions but I like peering at them with new, fresh internet ready eyes and ideas.  I enjoy what is forgotten.  I like what others have thrown by the wayside.  I hope that you also are capable of seeing the new city and bringing the old with you.  I look forward to what sticks you can bring to this new city. 

When you are quite at peace with the old and the new you meet in an incredible world at an incredible time with such indescribable joy I hope you reach forward and embrace it.  I want you to challenge the old with the new and the new with the old.  I long to see your hand tending your own little fire of little sticks while tending your own electrical empire.  Never before have people been so able to communicate and share and divulge these lost arts.  Pass them forward, take note of those old wise people or young wise people in your sphere of influence.  Or perhaps, their sphere includes you.  Maybe it makes them feel good to let you dominate the internet marketing campaign while you host the weekend retreat in the woods to bring your tribe together.  Maybe you’re a person who charges the digital life for the woods and hiking.  Maybe the Mp3 player is charging now in your vehicle while you tend a nice cozy campfire with a few of your favorite social networking friends.  The original tribe, the lost art of then and now, the way of the future and the way of the past.  Let us not forget that then brought us to now and now brings us the future and the past and all things between.  I long for the day when I can be camping, and typing and surfing the web and all is well.  I look forward to it with hope and reverence but with an imbued sense of childlike wonder.  I see these gadgets and these great leaps forward and we all stand at the bottom of this mountain.  The brave will climb it and the more mellow will enjoy it. 

Soon the good old days will not be remembered if we go at this the wrong way.  Go chat with the oldest people you know who have seen the advent of the washing machine, microwave, television, internet, mobile phones, texting and so on.  There is a generation of 70-90 year olds who have seen these things pass in the twinkling of an eye.  They have seen Rosa parks sit down for freedom and a peaceful change to world policy.  They have seen great things and sometimes frightening to them because they see the sticks they carry and feel inadequate in todays fast world.  They look at all this and not with wonder but more like a great fear of the unknown because no one is bringing it to them but wanting them to come to it.  It’s scary if you’ve only had radio and telegrams to wake up and have face to face over a phone.  Help the old by teaching them this new digital jungle and learn from them most importantly about the ways that used to be.  Never be above learning how to do paper math before using a scientific calculator.  Never throw the pencil and paper approach out in trade for the new digital luxuries.  A person must learn to read and write and do the basics before its possible to add a tool to make that task easier. 

Don’t forget to stand where you are but be reaching out to those who aren’t there yet or refuse to be.  Every single day we ought to be preaching the new testament while reading the old testament.  Each day we need to be thinking how the greatest things we as a generation have seen are quite silly contraptions that the other generations are unfamiliar with.  Make things comfortable for all who care to embrace them.  Long for the next wave of change as we climb this hill.


Plum and Peanut Butter.

Peace and Chicken Grease people. When the Levee Breaks is the song that embraces the old and new. It’s deep.


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