zen and spare parts

What a technical nightmare somedays would be if we didnt’ have a backup tool, part, program, assistant, plan or even a backup energy supply.  There is more to add to that list but that is just a basic overview.  Things do go wrong or break or crash or fall over or just simply stop serving their purpose without warning.  Life is a lot of preparation and planning.  We are indeed very fortunate if we have prepared extras of what we need. 


I had a very good friend one time tell me to always be training your replacement.  That was another way of saying have a spare.  I remember thinking today as my splitting saw started shooting sparks that I am glad the owner had an extra solution.  I am grateful for spare tires, spare batteries for guitar effects pedals or flashlights.  Today really reminded me of that and today’s solution was quite out of the ordinary. The owner had a chainsaw that he drained the factory oil out of, ran dawn dish soap through the bar and chain and finally replaced it with vegetable oil.  Quite a bizarre solution but it did in fact serve its purpose. 

Sometimes we look at the broken or missing or irreplaceable thing with our hands thrown up and defeat on our face.  That may not be the thing that gets us through this crisis.  Instead I would like to see people look around and think fast of what else would work.  I have seen people jumpstart a car with a pair of pliers, use salt for a radiator and today a chainsaw to cut meat with.  I am always astounded by MacGyver type people who make solutions from problems and they inspire me.  I hope they inspire you as well.  So next time before the thing fails, make sure to plan a backup.  Sometimes we do get a tad bit paranoid and go overboard.  Oftentimes though just having enough to get by is all we need. 

Let’s think about that the next time our computer crashes and we sleep soundly knowing we have backed it up already.  Or perhaps the next time some very important and necessary piece of equipment breaks down that we at least have some sort of back up idea for some sort of solution.  It may not look pretty but I’ll take functional over pretty every day of the week.  Later a person can put on the glamour touches but for that moment of despair, I recommend using what will make it work long enough to find a more suitable replacement.  Good luck with your spare parts.

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