The Importance of

The importance of a digital fast is very, very noticable in our culture today.  Life is hectic, busy, exasperating with all of our options computed.  We have never before had the world of knowledge at our fingertips and it is very exciting and wonderful.  It does come with a gigantic price though.  It steals tiny or large chunks from our children,  families, spouses, schoolwork, real work, life and even our freedom.  Such as for example:  Bill says, “hey wanna go bowling?” To that an average person says,  “Can’t I’m updating my Twitter account tonight and rebooting my darned hard drive.”

I have noticed that we as people are spending inordinate amounts of time and energy on this thing called the internet.  The World Wide Web is a fantastic invention, even cooler than microwaves but it does exact a toll on its daily users who inject its knowledge and freebase its contents on a non-justifiable activity.  It is a great time waster if a person lets it be, or a great asset and tool for optimization if we practice it correctly.

A digital fast consists of a couple of important key points.  To abstain from digital objects for a set period of time.  To face the addiction of checking Facebook updates or Twitter messages, is definitely a challenge.  Some are addicted to games, some to perversities, some are even addicted to online gambling.  I’m not pointing fingers because I’m extremely guilty of putting this god before God and that is one of the ten commandments.  I’m not judging. In fact until this week, I realized I had been on my e-reader or computer almost every day and every free minute for the last three months.  What a lot of dead works, I’m sure.  It has impacted my relationships and my ultimate relationship with God.  I don’t want that and many others are probably going through the same thing.  There is hope, there is a way to break free from the bondage of this digital world. 

1. Set your period of time that you will stay away.  Start small, if it is a huge addiction, start with something as simple as 4 hours.  That includes email, facebook, anything having to do with a connection to the internet.  I recently swore off even playing on the compysaurus but did do some writing on the machine.  I suggest you start small as I am and eventually work up to the holy grail of fasts and go for 40 days without it.

2. Do this with a friend or family member.  It will help ease the burden and take away from a loneliness feeling that could creep up.  It also supports the team of you to complete this thing

3. Tell no one for any reason.  It’s not for them it is for you. 

4. Go back at your specified time with a new sense of wonder and a profound respect for its addictive influence on your life.

5. Find help if unable to perform this fast.  This is something real and psychological.  I have conquered alcohol and cigarettes and weed in this life and I am aware that this is also another huge addiction.  Some addictions are physically and psychologically damaging and removing them should be done with professional help.  Some people can do it without help… Congratulations. But some need it and if you do, go get help.

6. Use your time away to refresh your relationships and deposit all sorts of goodness in your other areas of life.  Get some exercise, focus on your family, seek out God and give him praise and prayer.

7. Enjoy the fruits of your labors away and tell others of the goodness gained.

God bless


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