Zen and there really are no butchering coincidences

Wow, what a wonderful day.  School field trip for my homeschooled children, my wife and I today to the Neal Smith Refuge In Prairie City today.  For starters we were informed that Elijah, our 8 month old, couldn’t ride on the bus due to the fact he was in a car seat.  That’s fine we said, proceeded to repack the car to follow the bus.  All was well there.  As we are travelling, some person races up next to us and I’m about worried.  He honks his horn so I wave.  Then road  construction and Sheriff cars are on the shoulder and after that bottleneck we notice this same guy honk his horn on the other side of us so I happen to look over and he tells me with signs that my tire is flat and just about off the rim.  OH CRAP! Was my first thought,  Second thought was, ok what gas station do I see close by?  Then, a third thought, washed over me like a flood of relief.  I have an air compressor that plugs into the lighter output on the car.  So the very next exit I pulled off and got the thing out and tried it, my lighter jack doesn’t work.  OH CRAP!


This is where it gets more interesting.  The gas station close by is closed and there’s no one appearing to be home close by.  I really don’t like using the jack that comes with cars and really hate changing a tire on the interstate.  Have.  Really disdain that scariness.  So We drive to the local pub to see if someone is around and we can use their cigarrette lighter output.  No one open, no one answering.  Then back to the interstate.  On the way I spot a small local butcher shop and swing in.  These people may help someone in their own profession. 


So I go in and start telling my story of no gas station and need help and proceed to tell them what I do and how they’re open and we stop in.  The owner calls a guy to get us some air, and lets us use the restrooms.  Awesome.  Then he asks me if I would like a tour and I was so excited checking out another locker’s process.  It’s always so very ethralling to check out how others do what I do.  It’s all the same but very different.  Good business there.  The USP they have is a bakery, butchering, catering industry all in one.  All’s well there.  Just missing the candle stick maker.


I have now been in 8 meat shops and seen some very neat things.  It’s so weird that I can go around people in my profession and be so comfortable it’s like old friends.  Do you have that in your professional life?  Can  you go from your corporate cubicle to another corporate cubicle with the same ease?   I think you can and are able to because you ought to know your job that well and be poking the box.  We are all human at the end of every day and we do have a chance to relate to other humans.  Do you think this is all coincidence?  I like to not believe in coincidences for the fact that God has a purpose. 


To me it was an eye opening moment.  I have had all these meat jobs, and what am I going to do to forward that on to the next generation?  A person that good at something can go anywhere with it? Is that the correct question? I play music and I butcher and I write.  I can do those things anywhere?  I can go chat with anyone into those things and carry my own with them?  Thats my ninja skills sneaking out into the public.  Let your inner ninja be seen, heard and met by no rival unworthy.  Be fruitful, be faithful and be always ready to go to the unfamiliar road and have the conversation or exchange of ideas.


God bless


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