Zen and the art of boredom

Most often we find ourselves striving to avoid boredom.  I tend to embrace it occasionally.  I tend to look forward to those quiet times with glee, maniacal glee.  Even though I don’t do well with boredom, I tend to get in trouble, I do enjoy them.  I was bored with my work this past five months.  I was bored at home.  I was bored everywhere and in everything because I saw no new interesting things….

Then a new path brings discovery.


I wasn’t looking hard enough or challenging myself to the greatest of abilities.  See, I’m wired vastly different from alot of people.  I fail if I have no external stressors.  I do not thrive in an environment of calm.  It makes me feel caged and uncomfortable and downright unenjoyable.  I know you may think that is a stupid way to be but I caution you, you are not wired like me.  You haven’t seen what I have seen and you sure are not going to judge me for it.  Bread crumbs lead to the stockpile which I search for. 


The wife and I are very different people.  I don’t mean different from each other I tend to think we are wired different than a whole slew of people.  We see things brightly where others see rust.  We are very creative people but fail at certain menial things.  Mostly me, she is more wonderful than I am at certain things and vice versa.  Life is good because God saw fit to draw us together. 


So this thought of boredom and you may be wondering where this all ties in to it.  It’s simple really, this is about taking a different route intentionally.  It was fifteen years before sliced bread became awesome.  Starting to take a new way to work is a start.  It fires neurons that have laid dormant.  Look through new eyes at an old situation.  Remember your passion and forget not to challenge yourself to greater heights.  Joseph was bored for almost two decades waiting to be able to serve.  I’m sure he found some interesting way to look at things in that time.  I’m sure he challenged his mind to be fresh and full of vigor.  Why not us? We can too.


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