Too many hours

Our cleaner at work has had to take up double duty and work five 14 hour shifts in a row.  What a heavy work load he has and I feel for him.  If it was up to me I would pay him handsomely but it is not up to me.  I don’t like seeing him in that situation.  Sadly it is mainly the fact that he is from Mexico and knows very little English but man what a worker.  Faithful, loyal, devoted, hard working, positive, excellent at what he does. Here recently he has shown weariness and then informed me that he is not getting overtime.  I dislike not being a business owner.  I would hire him in a second.  Wednesday,  he sliced the crap out of his hand on the slicer just,  in my opinion, due to too many hours.

How should a person handle this?  I have found a replacement cutter but my boss said that I should talk to him about it.  I am kinda like huh? It’s not my business or my place to recruit for him and I’m in no position to make the decisions.  Alot I would do differently if I were.  Sad and heartbreaking to see him have to work this hard.  I cannot commute an hour each way just to take his cleaning spot and change with him to cut.  I would make 48 dollars a day doing that.  It costs me 19 in gas, food and my one pop per day.  So what should I do to help this guy? 

My boss said something I was very unimpressed by the other day.  The one guy running the band saw is most excellent at what he does so I told the owner that he deserves a raise.  Especially because he has worked so hard and is always there early, works his butt off and is awesome to work with.  My boss said well no need to I got immigration on speed dial.  Why would a person go there? why the need to even go there? Terrible.  I am not impressed and not proud of that. 

So change is coming and I was trying to nudge them in a fitting path.  The owners are worried about money and they say its tight but then they just dropped cash on a brand new thirty thousand dollar vehicle and put in a brand new kitchen.  I thought that was very foolish and ignorant.  Now, mind you, I’m not judging but venting.  I can’t stand it when people are hypocrites or make terrible decisions in a leadership role. I can’t wait to have my own entrepreneurial ideas flowing the dough and helping me to survive. 


My previous boss did something similar also.  He said that I made more money than him and then went and bought a brand new house? huh?  but long story short.  I’m dissatisfied with not being in a position to hire these good workers I’ve worked with and am working to change that.  I wish those businesses the best but good employees don’t stick around forever if they feel slighted.  The golden rule.


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