Carry it in carry it out

This was as close to the truth in my first butchering job as one could get.  It became a business model.  You see, we had to make a box and handwrite a customer’s name on it and deliver the meat to that box.  Their hamburger or sausage or vacuum packed little links, smoked sausages or what have you.  The box was then placed in our freezer and waited there until the customer came to get it.  In times of severe business such as late summer, early fall and deer season, we would have to carry it to the freezer, get tired of working around it, call the customer repeatedly and finally be stuck with no choice but to move it to the second freezer.  What a pain in the butt that was.  Before the owner added on and updated in ’06, we had to put all the meat into a little freezer up front and pull it out each and every day to put it in boxes and then to the big freezer.  Alot of wasted steps if you ask me. 


What can you do to produce economy of movement in your life or career or job? 


Slayer’s Kerry King said one time when asked how he could pick strings on guitar so fast, “I keep my pick as close to the strings after striking as possible, that keeps my precious milliseconds and adds more possibilities.”  I have never even listened to Slayer truthfully but I learn from every one who has gotten good at the guitar when they speak. 


In my occupation, as a butcher/meat cutter, I have learned to economize my movements.  I know where I need water, when I am putting a barrel away to grab another and so on.  You, I hope have learned the little things matter greatly and I hope also that you think about economy of movement.

“activity doesn’t equal accomplishment”

but accomplishment does equal the sum of your activity


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