Zen butchering and being bigger without being meaner

I don’t know how much work some of you have done around cattle or horses but man they will teach you something.  Pay attention.  Ears up, eyes focused, pencil and paper ready.  Now an animal to find.  Respect is the name of this game.

I never look an animal in the eye unless I want and am prepared for the confrontation because they know that to mean a challenge. 

Do you practice less of this because of fear and avoidance tactics to your work???? Are you scared of what a confrontation with a 1500 lb. animal will be like?  It’s kind of neat.  Kind of scary, mostly an adrenaline rush.  Kind of like getting the big merger at work accomplished or winning the softball tournament but BIGGER! 

I used to be afraid of those calm before the storm moments.  I used to show fear to the animal before the shot.  I used to have my heart beat straight out of my chest and start shaking all over in anticipation…I imagine this also led to the animals going crazy and jumping gates with fire in their eyes and their aim on me.  I am calm about it now.  I sing a song, talk nice to the cute little steaks and wait for my shot to present itself.  I am not shaking or quaking anymore during the load in process to the commencement of the final fatal shot.  I have learned to breathe in these situations.  You should breathe also and get rid of the lizard brain as Seth Godin talks about.  I put aside my fight or flight response and trade it in for accomplishment.  I have become the weird, the not normal, the hunter so to speak. Have you?

I have learned that you do not need to be mean to the animal or people in your life in order to get what you need to get, accomplished.

You must learn a new strategy if you can only effect change by negative meanness.  You can talk nice, lead in a calmer manner and enforce the rules without the yelling and the tail twisting and the pre fight jitters.  Good luck on yours, I’m going to work on mine some more and lead like no other, because no other is going to lead me. 

God bless

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