Life is crazy s…

Life is crazy sometimes.  I had just returned to part time to pursue other ventures when asked if I could cover and help out.  Yes, I know how important it is and yes, I actually like to help out but not be stuck permanently in one place doing one thing over and over.  I have been known to always be there to help when needed but I figure it functions better without me there if unnecessary.  I have plenty to do today but more has been added.  I enjoy it. 


How often are we so quick to get all upset because someone came and dumped trash on our living room or work room floor.  How often do we forget that people are the reason all this exists.  So what if there is crap all over your living room or what have you.  You can pick it up and clean it up but still the memory remains of the one who came and would do this monstrosity. 

In the meat industry alot of sharp objects are utilized in the process of processing.  The saw can cleanly remove your fingers or worse, a hand.  The slicer can rip skin straight to the bone without even feeling the pain till its happened.  A single boning knife can wreak all sorts of havoc.  The sad part is since people use them every day they forget to respect them and their sharpness and take them for granted.  That is the biggest mistake that anyone could make.  How these things have been safeguarded against people lost in monotony but they still can hurt quite efficiently. 

The safety devices are great but it doesn’t solve the problems.  New safety standards and new precautionary add ons still won’t stop a blade from being dangerously close to a person.  Everyone jumps to the ‘let’s put more safety devices into the production of it’ mindset.  I think a better mousetrap would be a better feat of thinking productively.  I personally feel that there has to be a new way which has not been thought of yet to make these things happen.  I picture myself walking through various options and investigating them for their effectiveness.  I ask myself what would happen if these things had never been used what would we have created instead.  What if the toilet had never been invented you ask? Someone would have found another way to make it work.  These things sadly are so well known in our world that we have a tough time of accepting new ideas which will enable us to do greater things.  Look around, improvement is happening in nano seconds.  Communications are so well oiled nowadays, the people who used to rely on morse code would be astonished but then again maybe all of us texting is our own unique morse code. 


Change the way you look at things for the greatest results possible.


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