You and I we live in this same world. We share air and weather perpetually everywhere we are together. We eat, we drink, we laugh, we feel, we hurt, we sometimes get carried away but that is who we are. I think people forget just how much they have in common. I think people tend to think in technicolor anymore. I think they’ve forgotten that we can see a dazzling array of neat colors that are just barely understood but constantly filed inour memory banks of the greatest computer ever. Our brain is amazing. It does things in nano seconds that takes years for us to process.

Physically however there are limitations but they are bodies nevertheless created extremely well and durable. One can spend alot of time working on their physical and neglect their mental but what has a person gained? To me it almost feels like a loss. We all should aim for balance and to be excellent at a few things rather than learn everything. We are all uniquely crafted and gifted for our work in this life. By work I mean your vocation. What you find yourself daydreaming about doing someday. What you would be doing if money and education were taken care of and you had unlimited choices. This one requires some thought.

What about other areas of your life? Is all well on the home front, spiritual front, marital front, social, entertainment…? I hope so but if not, I pray that you find a church, talk positive to your spouse, go have some fun and some laughs, go socialize. This life was created so that we would have to rely on other people to help us out.

If Cain would have known that killing Abel wasn’t going to be the solution, he might have done it differently. If Cain would have realized that there is abundance and not scarcity, he would have found what he was seeking which was his need to aquire.

Good luck to the rest of us who need to be reminded almost daily or weekly. For those who pretty well got it figured out, please help the others and share and treat others how you would want to be treated.


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