Precious moments

Yes to be successful it is not necessarily about the big things.  Those big things happen to those who do the little things consistently and accurately.  This life is funny about how it all works.  The simple fool the wise and silly ideas that make sense out of nothing are really what makes this all work. 

A while back I had the privilege of working for someone who I took notice of.  His shop had a lot of neat little things that when added up added a whole lot to the business.  His idea of minutes was most intriguing.  I asked him what it takes to be successful and he simply said speed.  I had no idea what he meant until I studied his actions.

He had found a way to save everyone 14 minutes per hour, and as an employee I was truthfully quite begrudging about this but realized it was essential.  I didn’t want to do the work because I did not like the people, the work, the gossip or anything but the learning about this place and this guy’s business.  But upon getting out the calculator and adding those figures together it equalled about 300 dollars per day and 1500 per week and finally, 78,000 per year.  Astounding.  Then I noticed other little things he did that brought in additional income without doing anything additional.  He would pull the hides off of hogs and that would save him several pounds per hog for weight.  I thought this too was a pain in the butt but I noticed his math was again correct.  At six pounds extra hanging weight at roughly 48 cents per pound that equals $2.88 and at 700 hogs per year with an additional $2.88 added to it with no extra work it would be, $2,016.  What a difference a different way of doing something adds up to be.  I was shocked to find this.  So simple yet so effective.  On beef he would have an extra 8 to ten pounds per animal thusly making more money and all for the same amount of work.

So I ask you what little things are breaking your bank?  What little things are building your bank? For me it is the little moments I waste and little gas station Mountain Dew runs.  Those things really add up and I look back and they are dead works.  I want to be more intentional as I hope you do as well. 

A good friend of mine has said that “if you watch the pennies the dollars will take care of themselves”.  Hope this helps.



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