Zen and the art of blogging the butcher

Why does any of this matter to you the reader?  Why should it you might ask?  Why in tarnation would I want to sit around and read some dude’s blog about what?  Butchering? Are you kidding me?


No quite the opposite.  I butcher animals for a living.  It happens to be how I am able to feed my family (wife and 3 kids), put a roof over us and pay our utility bills.  Until this year we have had no cable, internet or phone bill.  We had to change that internet one this year.  We knew it was a necessity for our family to be able to teach our children what an amazing time we live in.  Every thing we could ever want is at our fingertips and enables us to learn at an awesome rate.  They love it, we love it, all is happy on the home front.


So, I can’t say that I blame you if you are squemish, I am not but my daughter is.  She still plays with snakes and frogs however and looks forward to dirt but for some reason does not like vomit, blood or poop.  Kind of crazy, I love it, but yes, there is a hint of some discussions about vomit, blood or poop in these posts. 


I started off working at a grocery store where eventually it led to me being asked to work exclusively for the meat department.  Next time would be a coworker at the nursing home asked me to go over to help out at the local meat locker.  I smiled and said I can do this because I’ve already done this.  Piece of cake I thought.  Wrong!!!!!


The next four years of my life would wind up devoted to the nursing home, a mentally challenged group home and the meat locker with live animals.  From the outset I loved it, I became passionate about learning all I could about it.  I delved into the history of it and even was delighted to find my favorite character in the Bible did so for a proof of serving the living God (Elijah).  The next two years would be rocky in my life with my new wife and children and buying a house and letting go of some previous addictions.  Too bad my boss at the locker didn’t get rid of all his addictions as well.  That became one of many reasons life told me to head on and seek employment elsewhere. I did. 


I worked at two huge factories where I realized even in a factory dealing with meat I could not and would not find happiness.  I rebuilt a bridge back to my starting locker and started over.  The next year I was fed up with the attitude of an alcoholic and took off again.  This time I won’t look back.  I called a locker previously and grilled them on starting my own shop and he took my number and talked for quite awhile and gave great insights.


Two months after I quit the starting locker, I was awoke early to find that I had a phone ringing from this guy I interviewed about his business.  He needed a worker and I needed a paycheck.  Two months of hell.  Another alcoholic, another anal retentive blowhard who wouldn’t know how to lead people out of an inch of water.  I will admit however that this was the most I had learned about butchering and the process out of my entire 11 year career of it so far.  All that in two months. 


So baby was born, I called in sick to work…(priorities, right) and got fired.  An hour later I get a call from another locker looking for a person to butcher.  Sweet! Right on the money and money was something I would have need of.  That brings me to now.  Now you can start learning why what I have done for the past 13 years matters to you.  Maybe you’re a stay at home mom and want to know where your meat comes from and how it gets neatly packaged to fit in your freezer.  Maybe your a CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation and want to learn about steaks and the process.  Maybe blood excites you in a weird way.  Honestly I hope that third one is not the case.  Life’s weird enough to me, I don’t need to attract the crazies to me with a dose added of sarcasm.  Whoever you are.  It matters.  Everything you do matters, everything I do matters. 


What if everyone just stayed home tomorrow.  All the minimum wage workers at fast food restaraunts, gas stations, coffee houses and on up to the really high dollar careers.  There would be some torqued off people who haven’t had their coffee, breakfast or gas.  A whole lot of negativity would happen and be the course of this happening.  Not appealing to me either.  So yes, it does, you do and I do matter.  All of it matters, all of it is relative to reside here on Earth the third rock from the sun and the trashed planet.  It’s fixable.  Stay tuned for posting and more post sightings.  Enjoy.  Peace.


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