Finally, got my own website that im moving stuff to and making cozy.  This blog, butcheringsaint has been moved and im looking forward to seeing your faces there as well.  Om working on a podcast recently. Titled, hey paperboy, that i hope youll enjoy.  Fair warning there is some cuss words mostly because im being very real and authentic and no longer hiding who i am just to fit in.  Peace and love, yall


New tunes and audiobook!

Normally, I have been just posting to let you know what I’m up to.  I know its not always about me, so I hope you forgive me.  I am an excitable person and get amped up.  So, when I’m promoting something, I forget that no one cares (yet) and that I have been a bit selfish.  So, I’m going to promote myself but after I have promoted some very cool things that have caught my attention lately.

http://lewisknudsen.com/  I have been hearing about this guy for a little while but until Friday night, I did not have his cd.  That thing has not left my cd player yet.  Really cool stuff happening within his music.  Personal Faves are “I don’t have anything to hide,”  “I want to spend all my love on you.”  The rest are sweet as well.

http://www.nightwatchmanmusic.com/ This is Tom Morello’s solo thing.  I bought the cd years ago listened to each track for about 4 seconds and pitched it in the pile.  Years later, the wife and I were on a drive and I had been pulling cd’s out in quick succession on the search for edible goodness.  WHY MUST THE RADIO SUCK NOWADAYS?  But, story cut short, we both listened to that whole album and were both blown away.  I took it home and then started it again and again.  The whole thing is way cool to devour.

http://tascam.com/product/dp-006/ This thing has been so good to me for recording, thinking out loud, mixing and mastering.  If anyone needs help figuring it out, it is super simple and quite easy to operate.  I’ve played on digital recorders before that were so darned technical, it took years to figure out.  This little machine is not that way at all.  IF you play music or record things, this is the way to go.  Very cool product.


http://www.rivermusicexperience.org/ This place is just so awesome, I don’t know where to begin.  The wife and I have played there a bunch, the people are super sweet, the stage is well done, the vibe is off the hook.  It is one of my coolest venues in eastern iowa!  Check them out and their mission, it is something every city capable should be doing with the arts and music and spreading the fun to everyone!

Ok, self promo time, here is where you can find a hodgepodge of music scattered over the interwebs!

http://www.noisetrade.com/hatchetflower with 2 recordings and the very early hatchetflower stuff from 2003

http://www.reverbnation.com/hatchetflower2  This spot there is three recordings up from our upcoming album.  Go, listen and enjoy.  Spread the word if it is cool enough to suit you.

http://www.hatchetflower.bandcamp.com where we have one song titled Tribal, since posting we have changed its name to Mugsy.  There is vocals at around the 8 minute mark so hang in there.

Now, I have to point out.  These songs are spiritual in nature and try to represent something cool and something containing hope.  I realize not everyone wants Christ in their life, so at least substitute that for whatever helps you to get better daily.  I think that is the purpose of life, to get better daily.

Peace all.  Btw, everything was recorded on a Tascam dp 006 except for the 2003 stuff.  I’m not paid for this promo or advertising, I’m just letting you in on what I think is super cool.

Much love.



http://www.facebook.com/hatchetflower is the new shop where i’m continuing my work. It’s kind of a long term project that got shelved, then one day, my darling wife, decided to jam flute over one of my songs and we have been making music since! enjoy life all, hope all is well, go over there and like the fb page, share the music and support your local musicians as well! peace and chicken grease