flute fiasco at customs

so last year it paid to not have made eighteen piles of stacks and covid supplied taxpayer dollars. Had an extra bit to start a collection of flutes for the wife. This is the start of a really cool collection of flutes. Her favorite remains the cheapest flute i ever got her. It was 5 dolla at some hole in a corner guitar store. I played a great many great to decent instruments that day too. She can be seen playing it on my Youtube channel. A naked lady one is my favorite. I joke that it should have had the blow hole at her crotch just for funzies. Wife isnt as humored as I am.

So bought that bamboo flute and was in search of others. Pennywhistles and tin whistles and recorders were in my previous budget.

Got on etsy. ((Wanted to surprise (and i did and it was a good surprise)). Bought a flute after browsing forever and clicked buy. Paid no mind to it. Next thing it pops up as shipped after a two week minute. It dawned on me that i didnt realize it was from russia or ukraine or somewheres. Then we started tracking that package. Got delayed in russia. For a week. Then it shipped to another thingy or place. Then it says in transit. What seemed like a long boat ride across an ocean, it appeared as at us customs in wherever the heck. Then some interesting descriptions would pop up as we tracked it the next 3 weeks. It appeared in facility and checked out an back to at terminal of customs or whereever. About a two month span later, this long tube shows up with 90 something stickers and beat to snot and crushed ends. Man i bet the alphabet agencies just got thirstier than a camel in a long draught. Of course i know nothing abou camels but i figured if the camel is thirsty well then, its the thirsty camel.

Quite the flute. Different notes by breathing control. No holes except the end and your breath. My son can be seen playing it on my Youtube as well.

I cuss on there for some of the videos and i got a beef skinning video. My wife even flashes me on one of em, cutiepuff(you cant see nothing but she was (is)super cute and adorable, that night at deer season. So go there if you want. I was told by a wise person to keep posting links to my stuff. Im gonna ignore that. If you have been here and stuck around through my mediocre writing, to that of a much better abled writer (doesnt mean i do write better, just that i am able.)…lolz, well then, perhaps, i dont need to hold your hand as a reader and guide one through the internet. You are more than gifted and capable enough. It would be nice hearing from you all, every now and again. Much love.

P.s. liking and sharing and subscribing is always a free option. Costs nodda. Nothing but gratitude.

Btw, Gary Vaynerchuk has a book, the thank you economy, which really made me approach life different. Been influenced by the man and his struggles and triumphs. A scrappy start, but that scrappy start headed him on a path towards crushing it! He cusses alot. The realest always do. So, yeah he is spot on with dang most of his shit. Thought a good book was needed to read? I would grab something of his. If you like real things

much love.


Deranged hymns #1

one of my favorite hyms. Blessings. Its notes make me want to do something extreme and metal and heavy with it. So i did. Forgiveness is better than permission.

Enjoy your weekend yall. Much love.


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this one is my fave!

i have a book on amazon as well. a very cool, coffee table, waiting room book.


How things fall

if you ever played (and liked) Tetris, you would love this one. It seems like mindless clicking but it isnt. Clicking all the tiles right to win in Kyodai Mahjongg. Thats the challenge

so this game. I betcha i played it for 5 years before i got all the tiles gone. Once i did, i walked away from it.

It applies to life. I tend to orchestrate events. Alas, the randomness of the universe trips my plan all to hell. I perservere and get a bolder plan. For instance, my wife was sick and we had kids to get everywhere. It was an extended stay due to a surgery. I orchestrated that event and hiccup with damn near some skills. She got out, everything was fine and life picked back up. Ive also had times where i couldnt orchestrate a booger out my nose. Grain of salt.

So orchestrating and fall are quasi different things but they share similarities. If its falling. Fell out a window, fell backwards…there isnt much control. Orchestrating requires planning and cunning. The dare to dream. But, lets say these things are the same after playing the game. So you click and click and hope this purple one drops right to get rid of a tagalong your other clicking helped to create. Some random color. Its that one that sentences one back with the undo last move button. It interferes. The wrinkle in all our best orchestrations. How do we handle the wrinkles determines how we handle it all. A glimpse.

So imperative to study how things fall and how to make them fall and what happens when they fall and how that lines up and on. And on. And on

So yeah. Falling and orchestrating.

Help your neighbors. I learned that making things fall apart has consequences. Its more like Gretzky, skate to where the puck is going instead of going where it was. So just be ready to handle events and random that happens.

Much love and enjoy your week yall.


Marco and I

me and the chilean just having a jam. That man has some wisdom and quite alot going on in his life. He is working on a book that Ive seen pages and board for and still so super excited about. This guy, Marco is pretty darn good at so many things. Super busy. Super talented. I encourage you to help him with some eyes on this. He says more without a word than most in a thousand.

Much love.

Hope yall have an awesome weekend. I mean it, show this short to get some 15 second musicality, you wouldnt have had in your life.



A tiny excitement

i know people have seen some of their stuff (art or music or whathaveya) after quite some time gain traction. Or get that new promotion in their sights and no real credible threat. Or get a winning big lotto thing?

So i had a thing occur, which caused a big numbers up increase. Very grateful. Traction. It takes foreber(sic). Or seems to any way.

so many obstacles to even be here. So many dangers have blocked it. So many fears. So many anxieties. I am calm about most everything as an older man but this did give me a tiny start.

Youtube has a neat shorts (beta) thing i did a thing for. If you are curious. You are. I am. I even know what it is! But ive never….quite shubberflustedered. Derf.

Yup a tongue tripping day.

These milestones sure create so many good goal markers for improving. Id like to keep it that way. Always improving. It feels kinda cool. No nerves on this one. It is still back to work upon my appointed times but glimmers of hope? Perhaps.

Thats why i wrote Struggle(d) it always felt weird to fictionalize the end of a story i hadnt lived yet.

Much love yall.



toothpaste is a very fluid thing. Its got more than one purpose. Dont we all? And all things if you use them wrong enough. Turning machines into smoke machines. Im good at that yall.

Nah but in real life, toothpaste can be applied to stings from creatures. Maybe not a scorpion sting tho. Dont go overboard. Wasps. Hornets and mud daubers. These sonsabeaches suck. Merciless stinging vessels i guess so.

So, can confirm. Have seen it work.

You’re welcome for that. Wait til we get into apple cider vinegar. Much love.


A sweet legging, indeed

the wife is all dreamy about one of my designs on the redbubble shop. I suggest swinging on by. Art is so cool. We have the internet, the gatekeepers be defeated and we all can stand. The least assistance, the better. Much love.

Visit Butcheringsaint’s shop, for cool artwork on awesome products! https://www.redbubble.com/people/Butcheringsaint/shop

These ones in specific