Remix raining

Ive had some free moments lately. I’m remixing things. Since I had a work iphone, I started using garageband. I have now got garageband on an old 2008ish mac laptop. It will take a bit to get good at these but I’m quite happy with the results.

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I got fired

This is normal for me. So, onto my next jump. Bad bosses abound. Ive seen entire corporations ruined by bad bosses with not a shred of leadership. Most of the time they were covering for bad employees. This isnt high school people. Nor do I play that game. I thought insubordination was to superiors not peers.

Thanks for the conversation, Mr. Brookhart.

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Jumps 39 and onward

Jump to The Mill. My first job delivering in my birth city. Such a cool place but 7.50/hr minus my gas, Mazda mpv with a gas leak. I was definitely nervous about driving that city. I kicked ass at prep work and we formed a band in the back room for only one night. Their Indian curry chicken rox soxies. Their reubens kick ass. Left because my schedule got messed with. That and the more efficient I got at my job, the worse it hurt us financially. When there’s nothing to do and you go home because of efficiency and you lose 8 hours a week because of efficiency, its a no brainer.

The next was a carnival we set up for strawberry fest. To farmington from winfield. 20 a day in gas. At the end of it they paid Wes and I $200. Ive never worked so hard for 200 hundred bucks as that.

I spotted an ad next for electrician apprentice. To Ottumwa 4 days a week from Winfield. I knew diddly about electric besides my one semester with electronics in high school. I got pretty good at bending conduit throughout this time. Still in the leaky gas Mazda, my 12 an hour was not making me more money, because I had to buy tools. Those arent cheap. So I couldnt keep up, these were not my people but they sure kick ass at their work.

Next is me signing up to be a call center person for 8 an hour, ten minutes before my first shift, I get a call from a previous meat locker who needed help again. I couldn’t do it, there was too much never going to change. But I did it anyway then flaked out on their deer season and went to another former locker and wound up breaking my leg and not having a job to return to. Thats how that went. Crazy season, that one.

So next up after healing was pizza hut in Washington. They bitched one day about how many trash bags I wasted. I was still healing and didnt want to cause injury lifting too heavy. Big truck now, our f 1 fifty. Gas guzzler but still faithful.  “Give me gas in my ford keep me trucking for the Lord”.  Very gossipy and click and was back stabbing galore. Not my scene.

Next is concrete, which I found out I was allergic to. 9 an hour? Are you kidding me mount pleasant. My feet killed me more than the job. Metal rods in legs dont really make for a. Strong experience.

Valet next. 8 an hour and 12 a day in tips in Iowa City. Not cool but the job was chill. I loved driving brand new audis and beakers and a tesla and a 1973 boat of a Cadillac. The f 1 fifty and 2.89 in gas werent helping.

So papa johns next. This one was cool. I quit after 3 months because of a coworker, got a call on the way back home offering me a chance to work in iowa city store instead of Coralville. I loved mastering these roads. Then it happened that college break came and everyone was broke and no one was tipping. The f 1 fifty and I werent making good money yet. So I got selfish and jumped to appliance delivery.

This one sucked and rocked all at the same time. Delivering a whole 4 story buildings worth of appliances was not fun. 32 washers, dryers, fridges, and dishwasher has an obvious down side. But the views were spectacular. I got into it with the boss’s son and his ego. Cool was the father but the boy just had too much handed to him he didnt earn.

Moving on to next job at a paint booth, paintline who took away 3 of my rights before I even got in the door. My Constitutional rights of free speech (no cursing or you could be fired), my 2A due to no ability to have a weapon in even ones own vehicle, and the freedom from illegal searches and seizures. So no. 11.10 an hour, Wapello, is not of very much interest to me. I quit this one over a fire. A fire broke out in our area and we all got evacuated safe. They wouldnt let me get my mountain dew out of the fridge (for good reason) but that was my only pop until payday and I hadnt even drank it yet. They wouldnt let me get it and didnt understand I had no money for another one. Wife had started working too now which helped cushion this one. This one jump really harmed us. I will admit it now, wouldnt then.

Back to (B)Lomont. I got my first promotion in 20 years to utility. They got mad for how I fixed a problem and never gave me the raise with the promotion. This one ending abruptly one day kinda was the last cookie before we got foreclosed upon and a string of other events transpired. No. Just stay away from that little plastics factory in mount pleasant.

Happy joes was next. The f 1 fifty and we decided to get a car to help get better gas. Except it was a lemon. Another painful leaving. With no car and happy joes exorbitant pizza cost, I wasnt making loot here.

Next is major upheaval. Going homeless, being taken in, being stabbed in the back and all sorts of pain. But first I made more money for a week of concrete. My legs screamed the first day after 7 hours. The next was 5 hrs next day. Next was after 2 hours my pain was excruciating. 26 bucks an hour though. Did get my first air b n b and that was a cool experience. Day four I left boone and headed home.

Furniture was next for Muscatine. People are picky yo. Too much money without sense. The job was good the pay was decent and I had a good friend driving me back and forth to work for gas in his tank. I left after an irresponsible management moment. Oh well. Saw some cool places like this guy who had a house overlooking the Mississippi with just an amazing setup. A hot air balloon captain who had some great stories.

Now I’m doing delivery again. The delivery gigs prepared me to succeed well at this. Especially with the virus going on, people need deliveries. Glad to be of service.



Jumps 35, 36, 37 and back again to a previous

So laid off twice in a year i turned to delivering newspapers. 35. I delivered newspapers and got hosed all around this particular year. I wound up having to pick up papers in mediapolis from Winfield and then deliver clear back to Winfield. I cant tell you how much money I didnt make that year or how much I lost in vehicle maintenance. It was a wash. 285 a week for seven days a week. I bet you that I went through 15 tires that year and three different vehicles. Gas was 2 or 3 something a gallon. So no I didnt make any money.

My friend has a theory that no one should have to drive their own vehicle and lose their ass on maintenance while others are profitting off of it. I agree now. Didnt then. I dont encourage this unless gas comes back to 1.19 a gallon (like when I got my license in 1996. Not worth it. The hours suck and the pay is a loss but the people who subscribed were awesome.

36. To offset my losses that year (while under a year contract) I went to work in my birth city for the street vendors doing grilled cheese and gyros and walkjng tacos. Kind of a cool gig but driving from winfield to iowa city everyday and not working the night shift wasnt making sense either. Lost my ass at 8 an hour. Lost sleep. Tried to reconcile these things but couldn’t. Math didnt work, even on paper.

37. After that one ended, I went to work in MT pleasant at the pizza hut. The tips were nice and they paid decent and my friend was the manager but people kept stealing orders that werent theirs so I protested about it. I was tired all the time anyway. Id get done at 7 am and have to work there at 10 am on occasion. No sleep. So I did the paper and pizza hut and then west liberty locker (37) called and asked if I could help them as well. So three things up in the air. All of them suffered. Making me less patient than ever before. It was an honest effort. I would get done with papers at 7 am, drive to west liberty (45-60 minutes especially in winter), slaughter animals and clean up and then go to pizza hut at 5 pm til close. 3 hours of sleep a night and that much driving was unhealthy. I gave it my all but this is when I got mad at pizza hut and quit. Then the wife was in an accident with the kids, where a person crossed the center line and totalled our vehicle. West Liberty was out. No vehicle, no job, but still was contractually obligated to do the paper. So i borrowed the in laws car and that smashed a deer one night (Christmas Eve) and that too was totalled. What a year. Btw the wife’s accident happened on Thanksgiving. What a year. 20815 sucked for us.


Jumps 33 and 34

Ive never farmed before. Barely drove a tractor or done anything but get beef in to the killing floor. So 33 winds up with me working at agriland, a farm service company.it was a cool little job. Id never drove a trailer before, so i got my temporary cdl, worked to maintain all the wheel bearings on their fleet and drove truck with fertilizer and anhydrous tanks. I thought it weird my department of Homeland security check came back good in hours. Not the weeks forecasted to be. Oh well. I’m that clean I guess.

It was a few things that led to me not giving a darn about this one. The pay for one, the assholes(passive aggressive nonsense) for two, the fact that I had a close friend who wound up in the hospital and died and came back to life (which I missed work for because that was WAY more important). The other thing was being driven back from the field in a fertilizer truck at 110 miles per hour. This guy was flying. Laughing and just enjoyed it more than I. Onward. I got laid off from this one and paid unemployment.

34. Building trusses at a Engineered building Design in Washington. This one was horrible for me and a few others. Lot of assholes at this one. 10.50 an hour and I was past my ninety days when they wouldnt hire me full time. One guy, Micheal started work and was bullied worse than I was and he left in tears and the workers cheered. So brutal. I was this kids only friend there. So, since they didn’t give a crap about their people, i didnt give a crap about them. Learned some cool building and carpentry tricks though I will always use. Crappy culture. Crappy leadership. Crappy people. I dont recommend it at all for anybody not strong in their own self esteem or confidence. Terrible. I was let go.