13 Paths to Poverty by Nathan Schubick

Free ebook! Get it by downloading it here or reading through on my blog. Below. 13 paths to poverty by Nathan Schubick Or my newest the black journal project pdf for free here or buy it at link on the bottom blackjournalproject 13 Paths to PovertyNathan Schubick 1. Be angry. Venting anger in a harmful…More


times are strange

so here we are. all on the verge of something so great that we dont even know what it is or what it could be for. but its about to get more lit as we wander over the precipice of this fate awaiting. oh well. Go hug your kids and go outside to hang out…More


I have watched this movie numerous times and it hits deep. I feel like those characters sometimes in a while. I first watched it with my parents. Deep lessons. Some people live outside the law or outside the Christianity rules set forth by the societal norms. Outside their work corporate entity bull. Outside their friend…More


Do you have any collections? Hobbies are expensive. I have plenty. Collections are an investment. Something to treasure and put away for a later date when value is fully matured. Or keep to pass forward for a legacy So, yes, I have collections too. I collected ninja turtles for a long time. In the box.…More

somewhat as it stands

My father tried to murder me. he shot a gun at us ( his wife and two children) then threw a knife just for good measure. The memory of my first decade is sketchy though. every day we faced an angry dad mad at the world. I chose different. he was angry because his legs…More

the ‘yote

“Baby, you’re the right kind of wrong” this man with an accent says, joking, teasing, with this newly met girl, who bared her soul and shared her cassette (originals). this movie is iconic. I’ve watched it, owned it in various formats, bought it more than ten times (DVD, VHS, yadda yadda formats) and have lived…More

Set it off (*explicit)

the movie about 4 friends who had no other option, than to love, fiercely watch the movie. Full thing. it’s made it to my top movies ever list. For real. by forced, I do mean, it’s a Hollywood story, the characters had their part to play. They could have chose to not participate in what…More

There’s a bunch…

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times? 10 things I hate about you Grind (skateboard movie) With honors Finding Forrester Set it off Friday Hackers Dazed and confused Pirate radio That ramen girl The Tao of steve boondock saints 1 and 2 the cutting edge The crow Gotta watch these…More

sermon one, cussing Christian preacher

Some don’t like cussing, but I’ve made my peace with it. For those that do not mind because they’ve become adults, here is my new channel. Show some love and show up yall. Much love yall.More