13 Paths to Poverty by Nathan Schubick

Free ebook! Get it by downloading it here or reading through on my blog. Below. 13 paths to poverty by Nathan Schubick Or my newest the black journal project pdf for free here or buy it at link on the bottom blackjournalproject 13 Paths to PovertyNathan Schubick 1. Be angry. Venting anger in a harmful…More


in 2020 we had covid, universally. In a more local matter, we had a derecho. A derecho is (according to a Google search); a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds. so we had one in iowa during my time…More

last year’s wages(*explicit)

last year I worked 3 to 4 days a week and enjoyed all kinds of time to be with family and friends. Gas was still only a little bit above 2.90 a gallon. It averaged out to 26 hours a week where I was compensated 625 bucks a week. After taxes it is down to…More

Ddss (*explicit)

As a parent, one likes to keep everything simple. That includes the list of rules that children must follow. That includes the list of rules acceptable for one parent self. over the years I have pinpointed one rule which covers a multitude. Just like love covers a multitude of sins, this one rule does that…More

gumby patriot

that gumby movie, where gumby hires his chores out, yet the robots he hires destroy everything… seems familiar…? so to be a gumby patriot? Be flexible, be capitalist, play guitar… much love.More

Valhalla jesus

I’ve been comparing great religions of the world for quite a few years. It boils down to a couple of common themes. Believing in God (gods, pagan, Norse, Greek, Roman, yadda yadda) is a common way to ensure that one is held accountable for what they do in this life, this realm. the Norse for…More


in 2003, I got my first apartment by myself. I worked two jobs and got the internet. On the internet, I started chatting on yahoo chat. There was a lot of people to chat with and fun to be had. when I wasn’t doing that or working, I was hanging out with friends. One of…More

Do not engage

Do not engage in foolish arguments. It’s biblical. Focus on that phrase and all will be well. Remember that next time you want to argue. Don’t engage in foolish arguments. Have a good weekend. Have the day you deserve. Much love.More

everybody stays (*explicit)

loyalty inspires loyalty. last post was everybody leaves. This post is about how to get people to stay (without chaining them in in the basement 🤣) or at least be someone worth staying for. be better than you were yesterday. Communicate. Stand firm in the face of adversity so that people know you aren’t going…More

everybody leaves (*explicit)

in the end, we all are somebody’s throwaway. best bet? matter to yourself, care about yourself and your own stuff. Take care of you and your life will be happier. Take care of your kids, your significant other, your tasks, your stuff and live one great life. here’s the secret; everybody leaves. Some leave because…More


It’s amazing what a back cracking and alignment may do for ones body and mind. People are so quick to go to a doctors and get pills which harm. mind you, I was never a fan of the chiropractor before 2015. Then the wife and kids were in an accident. Some lady totalled our vehicle…More